Waste A-Z Quick Guide

Quick Reference Guide for disposal of common household Items  

The Quick Reference Guide lists common household items and how to dispose of them.

The table is listed alphabetically. To use the guide, simply look up the item you need to dispose of and check the coloured code next to the item. Match the code to the key listed below. Alternatively, you can click on the code for more details about that disposal option.

Reference Guide Key

Match the following codes to find out the correct disposal option for your item.

C  Resource Recovery Centre    O  Organics Bin
D  Local Charity, Opp Shop or School   P  Local pharmacy
G  Garbage Bin   R  Recycling Bin
H  Hard Rubbish Service   S  Council Customer Service Centre
L  Landfill   W  Compost Bin or Worm Farm
M  Mulching Days                                         X  Local supermarket plastic bag recycling bin
N  Visit recyclingnearyou.com.au   Y  Yellow Pages


 A-Z Listing Guide

 Find the item you wish to dispose of below and match it to the reference key above.

 A    K
 Aerosol cans  R   C      Kitty litter  G    
 Aluminium foil  R  C      L
 Aluminium cans  R  C      Leaves  O  W   L 
 Animal poo  G        Light globes/bulbs/tubes  C    
 Appliances D  H  L    Linen/towels/sheets  D  G   
 Asbestos Y  N    Laundry baskets  H  D  G
 B    Lolly wrappers  G    
 Bag ties  G        M
 Band-aids  G        Magazines  R  C  
 Barbeques (old)  H    
 Batteries (mobile phones)  S  C      Margarine containers  R  C  
 Batteries (household)  C        Mattresses  H  C  
 Batteries (car)  C        Meat  G    
 Biscuit wrappers (plastic wrapper)  G        Meat tray (foam)  G    
 Biscuit tray  R  C      Meat tray (plastic)  R  C  
 Bottles (plastic and glass)  R  C      Medicines  P    
 Bottle tops (metal)  R  C      Milk bottles  R  C  
 Bottle tops (plastic)  R  C      Milk cartons  R  C  
 Boxes (cardboard)  R  C      Mirrors  G  H  
 Boxes (foam)  R  C      Mobile phones  S    
 Branches  O  M  L    Motor oil  C    
 Bricks / Rubble  L        N
 Building materials  L        Nappies  G    
 C    Newspapers  R  C  
 Cake trays (plastic)  R  C      O
 Car batteries  C        Oil - cooking  G    
 Car/auto parts  L  H  Y    Oil - motor  C    
 Car tyres  C  H      P
 Cardboard  R  C      Paint  C    
 Carpet and underlay  H  L      Paint tins (empty and dry)  R  C  
 Cartridges (printer/toner)  N        Paper  R  C  
 Cassette tapes  G        Paper towel  G    
 Cat litter  G        Pet food cans  R  C  
 Cat poo  G        Pet poo  G    
 Cellophane  G        Pharmaceuticals/medicines  P    
 Ceramics  G  H  D    Phone books  R  C  
 Chemicals  C  Y      Photo frames  D  G  
 Chinaware  G  H  D    Pizza boxes  R  C  
 Chocolate bar wrappers  G        Plant pots (plastic) - must be empty  R  C  
 Cigarette butts  G        Plastic packaging strapping  G    
 Cling wrap/plastic film  G        Plastic bags  X  G  
 Clothes baskets  G  L       Plastic cups  R  C  
 Clothing  D  G      Plastic plates  G    
 Compact discs  D  G      Plastic wrappers  G    
 Computers  C  N      Plasterboard  L    
 Concrete  L        Polystyrene  G    
 Corks  S        Printer cartridges/toners  N    
 Cotton buds  G        Pyrex ovenware  D  G  H
 Crockery  D  G  H    R
 Curtains  D  H  
 Cutlery (metal)  D  G      Rags  D  G  
 Cutlery (plastic)  G        S
 D    Scrap metal  H  C  
 Door mat  G        Sheet glass  H  L  
 Dog poo  G        Shoes  D  G  
 E    Smoke alarms  C  G  
 Egg cartons  R  C      Shrink wrap  G    
 Electronic waste (computers, TV's)  H  C      Steel cans  R  C  
 F    Stoves  H  L  
 Fluorescent tubes  C        Syringes (in approved containers)  S    
 Foam boxes  G  L      T
 Foam cups/trays  G        Take away containers (empty)  R  C  
 Foil  R  C      Tea bags  W  G
 Foil trays  R  C      Televisions  H  C  
 Food waste  W  G      Timber  H  L  
 Fridges  D  H  L    Tissues  G    
 Fruit and vegetable scraps  W   O  G    Toilet paper rolls  R  C  
 Furniture  D  H      Toner/printer cartridges  N    
 G    Tools  H  L  
 Garden waste  O  W   M     Toothpaste tubes  G    
 Gas bottles  C        Toys  D  G  
 Glad wrap  G        Tyres  H  C  
 Glass bottles and jars  R  C      V
 Glasses (reading)  N        Vacuum cleaner dust  W  G  
 Glasses (drinking)  D  G      W
 Grass clippings  O  W  L    Washing machines  H  L  
 H    Waxed cardboard  G    
 Hot water units  H  C      Weeds  O  W  G 
 Household chemicals  C        Whitegoods  D  H  L
 I    Window glass  H  L  
 Ice cream containers  R  C      Wrapping paper  R  C  
 J    X
 Jars (glass and plastic)  R  C      X-rays  N    
 Jar lids (metal and plastic)  R  C      Y
 Junk mail  R  C      Yoghurt containers  R  C  


Download a PDF/printable version of this guide - Waste A-Z Quick Reference Guide.pdf

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Updated : 10:52 AM, 7 July 2015

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