Council Action

Council Action

Greenhouse Action Plan

The Greenhouse Action Plan 2018-2022 focusses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, primarily in Council operations, but also with the Hume community. The plan guides Council’s greenhouse gas emission reduction and management activities in the following key areas:  

  • Buildings & Renewables
  • Waste
  • Public lighting
  • Fleet
  • Community Emissions
  • Contributing to Positive Change

For more information download the Greenhouse_Action_Plan_2018-2022.pdf

Watch the video about our solar panel installation program:

Climate Change Adaptation Plan
Council also has a Plan for adapting to the various effects of climate change, which includes impacts to Council’s services, the Hume community and Hume’s natural assets:

Further information on climate change, and the expected impacts locally and worldwide, is available at the About Climate Change webpage. 

Energy efficiency  

Council manages an ongoing energy efficiency program, which includes upgrades such as solar hot water, lighting, pool pumps, pool blankets, insulation and heating and cooling optimisation. In particular, Council’s three year Lighting the Way project involves energy efficiency works at seven Council facilities, a bulk street lighting upgrade and a community engagement program. For an update on Council’s recent energy efficiency and solar projects, please click below:

CitySwitch program
Hume City Council is a signatory to CitySwitch, a national program focussed on improving office energy efficiency. As part of the program, Council’s administration building was assessed to have an indicative NABERS Energy rating of 4 stars - a NABERS rating (up to 6 stars, in half star increments) benchmarks the energy and greenhouse performance of a building.

Renewable energy 
Council is investing in renewable energy, with eleven solar PV systems (107kW in total) and ten solar hot water systems installed on Council buildings. These include leisure centres, pre-schools and community centres.

Council is currently participating in a regional Solar Scale Up project with the Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Action (NAGA). This project aims to catalyse the total amount of solar PV systems installed within the northern Melbourne region by working collaboratively with eight other local governments. As part of this project, Council will progressively install additional solar PV systems on Council buildings annually.

Council also supports Australia’s renewable energy industry through the purchase of 10% GreenPower electricity. GreenPower is a government accredited program for purchasing greenhouse neutral electricity from renewable sources. Further information is available on the GreenPower website. 

Solar Panel kids

Environmentally Sustainable Design and Development (ESD)

Council has a significant capital works program and is committed to incorporating Environmentally Sustainable Design and Development (ESD) features into new buildings. ESD features can have a multitude of benefits for community and staff users of these buildings, including comfortable, pleasant and even inspiring indoor environments; more adaptable and long lasting facilities; and reduced maintenance and utility costs.         

Business Efficiency Network

Council’s Business Efficiency Network (BEN) works with Hume businesses to share knowledge and build capacity for greater environmental benefits. BEN hosts regular forums on a variety of topics focusing on improving business efficiency, and is open to all businesses (no matter how large or small).

For more information about BEN, visit Council's Sustainable Business webpage or contact the Business Efficiency Network Officer by calling 9205 2200.

Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Action (NAGA)

Council is a member of the Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Action (NAGA), a network of local councils to share information, coordinate emission reduction and adaptation activities and cooperate on research and development of innovative projects. Eight other local Councils are also members of NAGA: Cities of Banyule, Darebin, Manningham, Melbourne, Moreland, Whittlesea, Yarra and Nillumbik Shire Council, as well as the Moreland Energy Foundation Limited (MEFL). Further information is available at

Download a copy of Council Action.
For further information contact Hume’s Sustainable Environment Department on 9205 2200.


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