Resources and Links

Resources and Links

Hume City Council Plans 

For additional information, the websites and resources below relate to climate change, greenhouse gas reduction, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Climate Change Science

  • Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
    The international body that synthesises the collective knowledge regarding climate change science and its effects on a global scale.
  • Climate Council 
    An independent non-profit organisation funded by public donations to provide authoritative, expert advice to the Australian public on climate change.

Government Programs & Support 

  • Federal and State Government Rebates
    Rebates and assistance are available from the Australian Government and most state and territory governments for energy efficiency upgrades and appliances. Use this website to find the rebates that apply in your location.   
  • Energy Saver Incentive/Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET)
    A program to support free or subsidised energy efficiency products for households and businesses, including lighting, hot water heating, heating and cooling, insulation and pool pumps.
  • Sustainability Victoria  
    A Victorian government authority that provides resources and delivers programs on integrated waste management and resource efficiency.

Home Energy Efficiency

  •  Your Home 
    Developed jointly by the Australian Government and the design and construction industries, this website provides comprehensive guides for renovators and buyers.
  • CSIRO 
    Australia's national science agency, CSIRO provides a wealth of information on saving energy in your home, as well as information relating to CSIRO’s energy related research projects. 
  • GreenHome  
    Australian Conservation Foundation's environmental education program.

Renewable Energy

  • Clean_Energy_Council_Solar_PV_Consumer_Guide.pdf  
    A comprehensive guide to buying solar PV panels.
  • Clean Energy Council’s database of certified and trained solar PV system installers by area.
  • GreenPower  
    A government accredited program to enable you to choose to purchase electricity from renewable sources. It is available from most electricity retailers. 

Online Electricity Tools

  • Electricity Outlook portal
    Jemena, the electricity distributor in the Hume area, provides a free online tool to allow households to track their daily electricity use and solar generation.

  • Victorian Energy Compare
    A useful tool provided by the Victorian Government to compare your current electricity retail plan against all available retail offers and to see your household’s unique energy profile.
  • Go 5
    Compare your electricity use against others in your suburb as well as find out ways to save on your energy bills at home.

Non-Government Support & Advocacy

  • Climate Action Network Australia (CANA)
    An alliance of over 75 local, state, national and international environmental, development, research and advocacy groups from throughout Australia.
  • Alternative Technology Association  
    A not-for-profit organisation that provides expert, independent advice on sustainable solutions for the home to households, government and industry.
  • Environment Victoria 
    Victoria’s peak not-for-profit environment group working to safeguard our environment and the future. 
  • Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Action (NAGA)  
    A network of nine local councils, including Hume City Council, and the Moreland Energy Foundation to share information, coordinate greenhouse gas emission reduction and adaptation activities, and cooperate on research and development of innovative projects.  
  • Moreland Energy Foundation Limited (MEFL) 
    This organisation works with the community to help people, business, schools and community groups make informed, energy-smart lifestyle choices. MEFL is also a member of the Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Action (NAGA).

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For further information contact Hume’s Sustainable Environment Department on 9205 2200.


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