Pathways to Sustainability Framework 2015-2019

The Pathways to Sustainability Framework 2015-2019 seeks to provide clear directions for organising Council efforts that will enable the Hume community to realise its vision to achieve social, environmental and economic outcomes, connecting the community and celebrating diversity.  Pathways is a key document that guides and informs Council planning, decision-making, actions and activities, strategies and policies across the whole organisation that impact on the environment.

Four strategic pathways are outlined in the document, highlighting within each the principles of sustainability leadership, what a sustainable Hume will look like, Council’s role in achieving the vision, the 2040 goal, who will deliver this and how it will be delivered.  The four strategic pathways are:

  1. Demonstrate sustainability leadership
  2. Support the community to live and work sustainably
  3. Provide strong environmental stewardship
  4. Create sustainable places

Download the Pathways_to_Sustainability_Framework_2015-2019.pdf





Updated : 5:13 PM, 3 January 2018

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