Sustainability Report 2017/18

Council is strongly committed to environmental sustainability and is continually working to improve the sustainability of all its activities and across all operations.    

Part of Council’s sustainability commitment is to be transparent in reporting on its performance. The annual Sustainability Report contains the latest data available across a range of indicators and case studies of environmental sustainability.  It highlights progress under Council’s overarching environmental policy document, Pathways to Sustainability Framework 2015-19.

The report focuses on the ongoing commitment of Council and the Hume community to improve the sustainability of the city through a broad range of programs, projects and activities.

The Sustainability Report 2017/18 is based on the four pathways contained in the Pathways to Sustainability policy.  The four pathways are:

  • Demonstrate sustainability leadership
  • Support the community to live and work sustainably
  • Provide strong environmental stewardship
  • Create sustainable places

Read the Sustainability Report 2017/18 here:  

 Sustainability Report 17-18.jpg

Updated : 2:14 PM, 16 May 2019

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