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Boomerang Bags - Sunbury and Craigieburn

Boomerang Bags is a grassroots, community driven movement, tackling plastic pollution at its source.  Boomerang Bags attracts volunteers from all walks of life, who get together to make re-useable ‘boomerang bags’ using recycled materials (old clothes, curtains, bed sheets) to provide sustainable alternatives to plastic bags.  Chapters have been started in Sunbury and Craigieburn in Hume. If you would like more information or to get involved in Boomerang Bags, you can join an existing group or start your own! More information at





Stephanie - Groovy up the Grasslands

Groovy Up The Grasslands is an educational project to teach community members about the importance of native grasslands. Enviro Champion Stephanie partnered with Banksia Gardens Community Centre to deliver workshops about remnant grassland containing threatened species.   



Gayani - Childcare Centre Gardening 

Gayani worked with parents to help transform their children's understanding of fresh food and healthy eating. She hosted a workshop at Newbury Child & Community Centre, partnering with the Oorja Foundation, the Multicultural Women's Group and their families.




Abrar - Exford Edibles

Abrar got together with her neighbours and Hume City Council to achieve her goal of planting a low-growing vegie patch on her large nature strip. Her project  is now a community garden and Abrar continues to promote food growing in public spaces.
 woman with sign that says enviro champs helped me connect to natural environment

Helen - HumeUs Action Group

For her Enviro Champions project, Helen and her group HumeUs partnered with Council staff to help the greening of Hume, including Olsen Place on Widford Street, Broadmeadows. She continues to manage the Hillcrest Community Fruit Orchard. Find HumeUs on Facebook.



Kevin - Cargo Bike

Kevin’s Enviro Champions project was partnering with a Men's Shed to build a Cargo Bike that community members can hire as a green transport alternative for carrying shopping or other goods. Kevin is an avid supporter of better bike connectivity across Hume.
 Man wearing helmet on cargo bike, a bucycle with wooden box attached at front

Jym - Rejuv Natural Healing Garden

Jym established a community garden with the support of  Sunbury Neighbourhood House as his Enviro Champions project. It’s now a thriving garden where other people with cancer can come to get healing herbs and other plants.


Lina - Little Green Thumbs

This Sunbury based project was started by Lina as an Enviro Champions project as an opportunity for children to learn more about nature, the outdoors and food growing . The monthly event is still going.  Find Little Green Thumbs on Facebook. 


Polly - Harvest Sunbury

Polly established this Sunbury-based food swap as an Enviro Champions project. The community food swap is still running, and everyone is welcome to attend, to swap seedlings and excess produce. Find Harvest Sunbury on Facebook.

Lee, Mercedes, Betty and Caroline - Build a Bee Hotel

Recognising that native bees are in serious decline, this group of Champions decided to educate the public by publishing a fact sheet on making bee hotels and a children’s story book, A Hotel For Polly. Find Build A Bee Hotel on Facebook. 


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