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 Gardening Fact Sheets


Vegie Gardening for Beginners

Want to save a fortune on vegies and grow your own organic produce? With very little money, time and effort, you could soon be harvesting free, fresh and nutritious food. Learn how to get started here.


Small space, Big Feast

Fancy growing your own fruit and veg but think your garden is too small? With some creative thinking you can learn the many ways you can grow your own fresh produce in pots, hedges, espaliers and more, here.


Growing Winter Vegies

Winter in Victoria is one of the easiest times to grow vegies. Many of our common pests are dormant, there’s less need to water and no heatwaves to wilt you and your plants. Some delicious vegies only grow in cold weather, while others get sweeter as they convert starches into sugars. Find out what how to grow vegies during our colder months here.


A Calendar of Year round Vegies

This simple calendar will tell you what fresh vegies you can grow in your garden month by month, all year round. Read more here.


Planting fruit trees

To ensure your fruit tree has a long, healthy and productive life, it pays to do a bit of preparation before planting and get that tree established well. Our fact sheet will take you through the steps here.


Pruning Fruit Trees

Pruning your fruit trees properly will optimise fruit growth, promote health in your trees and allow you to enjoy a long tree life of fresh delicious fruit. But there are a few things you need to know in order to do it properly. Find out more here.


Good bug, bad bug

A healthy garden needs a healthy garden ecosystem. Our gardens have millions of insect living in them, but we only tend to notice them when the ecosystem is out of balance and an insect over populates an area. Find out how to bring your garden's ecosystem back into balance while avoiding harmful synthetic pesticides here.


Seed saving

There are many reasons to save your own seeds. Aside from saving money, it increases types and varieties of vegies you can grow, preserves genetic diversity and allows you to select the best for the conditions in your yard.

Find out how to successfully harvest and save seeds from your own garden here.

Growing Plants from Seed

Propagating your own plants from seed means you will be able to access far more varieties than you can buy as seedlings. You’ll also save money. Find out more here.


Summer vegie gardening

There are a few tricks to getting your vegies like tomatoes, eggplants, carrots off to a great start so you can enjoy an abundant yield by the end of summer.

Download our hints and tips for summer in your produce garden here.


Build a wicking garden bed

Wicking or self-watering garden beds need much less water and maintenance than conventional garden beds to produce an abundance of vegies.

Learn step by step how to create a raised wicking bed here.


Build a wicking planter box

Pots are great for growing herbs or leafy greens in small spaces, but keeping plants alive in freely draining pots over summer can be hard work in hot weather.

There is a solution – a wicking planter box! Follow the simple steps to make your own here.


 Gardening Books


Home Harvest

Hume City Council, together with Western Water, Macedon Ranges Shire Council and Sustainable Gardening Australia, have produced Home Harvest, a free book to help you grow your own fresh food in local conditions.

Download our 33 page book, or pick up a copy from a Hume Customer Service Centre or
Hume Library.


Sustainable gardening

You can create a beautiful, low maintenance garden with indigenous plants that suits our local climate, soil and will have a low impact on our natural environment. 

Download our 55 page book, or pick up a copy from a Hume Customer Service Centre or Hume Library.


Live Green Plan 2015-2019 

Find out more about Council's sustainability work in Hume in the Live Green Plan 2015-19.


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