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Community Water Rebate Program

The Community Water Rebate Program is a targeted water rebate program to assist water corporations’ vulnerable and hardship customers. The program includes a range of products and services to improve water efficiency in households. For more information about the Community Water Rebate Program, contact your local water corporation.

Hume Integrated Water Management Plan 2020-2025

Hume’s Integrated Water Management Plan 2020-2025, adopted in March 2020, outline Council’s approach to key and emerging issues in the water industry and beyond including:

  • Responding to current climate change impacts and the latest future projections, especially the urban heat island effect and impacts on open space management and the stormwater system.
  • Development of legislation and policy direction at the State Government level, particularly the Integrated Water Management Framework for Victoria (Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, 2017) and the Healthy Waterways Strategy (Melbourne Water, 2017).
  • The identified need to protect and enhance community and environmental assets including streetscapes, waterways, native habitat and recreational opportunities.
  • Meeting Council’s increased water demand as urbanised areas increase and climate change impacts are experienced. 

View the Integrated Water Management Plan 2020-2025

Rainwater Tanks

Rainwater tanks have been installed at over sixty Council facilities in order to harvest water for toilet flushing and irrigation. this reduces the amount of potable (drinking) water that is flushed down the toilet. Large capacity tanks are in place at the Broadmeadows Offices, Sunbury Aquatic & Leisure Centre, Craigieburn Leisure Centre and Sunbury Depot.

Alternative Water Sources at Sports Grounds

Out of a total of 52 irrigated sports fields, 21 are now irrigated with alternative water sources rather than the drinking water supply. Recycled water is supplied to 11 ovals in Sunbury and two in Craigieburn. Stormwater is harvested to irrigate two ovals in Greenvale and two in Roxburgh Park. Two ovals at Kalkallo are irrigated with groundwater.

Water Efficient  Sports Grounds

Council is undertaking a program to convert all sports grounds with drought tolerant, warm season grasses. The warm season turf conversion program is converting four ovals per year to warm season grass. Once established, these fields typically require 30 to 40 percent less water than the traditional cool season grassed fields.

Golf Courses

Craigieburn Golf Course and Goonawarra Golf Course in Sunbury are both connected to recycled water. Craigieburn Gold Course also upgraded to a new and efficient irrigation system.

Updated : 12:05 PM, 25 March 2020

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