Stormwater and Waterways

What is Stormwater?

Stormwater is rainfall runoff from impervious surfaces in urban areas, for example, roads, pavements, and roofs.  This water makes its way along kerb side drains and from down pipes into the stormwater drainage network.  From here, the water flows, generally untreated, to the nearest waterway.  Water from roads can contain many pollutants including litter, silt and sediments, oils and heavy metals.  This pollution has major impacts on the environment and on our rivers and creeks. Only rainfall should enter the stormwater system – no chemicals or other materials should be poured into stormwater drains.

Stormwater Management

Regular street sweeping prevents hundreds of tonnes of litter from entering waterways through stormwater drains every year. In one year alone, over 2,500 tonnes of rubbish was removed from Hume's streets. Council also manages more than 50 wetlands and operates 100 gross pollutant traps which remove litter, as well as sediments and nutrients, from stormwater flows before they enter creek and river systems. Wetlands also help slow the flow of water before entering waterways and create habitat for frogs, birds and fish.

Monitoring and Enforcement of Planning Scheme and Local Laws

Council regularly audits new residential and industrial estate development, and building sites to ensure that appropriate measures are put in place to prevent mud, silt and construction materials washing off-site and into stormwater drains. Fines can be issued to builders and developers who fail to prevent pollutants from entering stormwater drains and polluting waterways.

New subdivisions are required to meet stormwater management standards under the Hume Planning Scheme.  The planning scheme requires all new subdivisions and industrial developments to manage stormwater run-off in order to protect water quality and habitat values in receiving waterways. Information about industrial stormwater management can be found in the Industrial Stormwater Code of Practice link below.

Greening Program

Council's Community Greening Program works with the Hume community on tree planting activities to restore indigenous plant communities to local reserves, including creeks. Revegetation helps to prevent bank erosion and therefore reduce pollution from sediment runoff into waterways.

Why not come and join us for a planting day? It's a great way of doing your bit to help protect Hume's environment, meeting new people and getting some fresh air and exercise!

For more information, view the upcoming Greening Program Calendar.

Updated : 5:11 PM, 3 January 2018

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