Composting and Worm Farming

Council now subsidises compost bins, worm farms and Bokashi bins!

You can recycle your organic waste at home with a compost bin or worm farm. To receive 70% off a compost bin, worm farm or Bokashi bucket visit Circular Food to order online.

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Composting is a way of recycling your food and garden scraps, creating a great soil product for your garden. On average, around 40% of Hume's garbage is food scraps which could be composted.

Which system is for me?

The composting system that will work best for you will depend on what materials you have to recycle....

A mixture of food and
garden waste?
Just food waste or a
small area? 
Food waste, including
cooked food and meats? 








Worm Farm


 Compost.jpg  Worm farm  bbkit.jpg


A compost bin will need a mixture of food and garden materials to work effectively and may take a few months to produce results. It also needs a little bit of maintenance to aerate the materials every week or two.

A worm farm is better suited for people with no garden waste. Worms like to eat the same food as people (with out the meat and dairy) so are great for recycling food scraps and for people with limited space.

A Bokashi bin is the all round food recycling machine. It doesn't take garden waste but you will need a garden because the waste needs to be buried to complete the recycling process in to a rich soil. Bokashi works by fermenting (pickling) the food in an air tight bucket which then accelerates the breaking down of the food once it goes in to the garden. When the bucket is full the contents need to be buried in the ground to complete the cycle and will turn in to soil in just a few weeks.

Why compost?

Recycling organic materials has environmental and gardening benefits, such as:

  • Improved soil quality
  • Reduced waste going to landfill
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improved water savings
  • Saving money

How do I compost?

To learn more about getting your compost, worm farm or Bokashi started check out our How to Guide.

Council also runs free workshops for residents as part of the Live Green program. To find out when the next compost or worm farm workshop is scheduled check out the Live Green page.

Reducing Food Waste 

Avoiding food waste is even better than recycling it and better for your bank balance! Menu planning, using left overs and ensuring food is stored correctly can all help reduce your grocery bill by reducing food waste. To find out more about avoiding food waste and delicious recipes to help use leftovers visit the Love Food, Hate Waste website.

If you are interested in composting but don't have the space to compost in your own home Share Waste is a new community group that helps link people with compostable waste with people with compost bins in their neighbourhood.


Updated : 10:33 AM, 8 April 2019

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