Report Litter

Help keep Hume clean and report litter and illegal rubbish dumping.

There are three easy ways to report litter:

Dumped rubbish will be inspected by our Litter Officer for identification which may result in a fine.

Shopping Trolleys

Shopping trolleys that are outside of a shopping centre should be reported directly to the store.

Stores Where to report abandoned trolleys 
 Woolworths, Big W, Dan Murphy's Trolley Tracker or 1800 641 497
 Coles Coles or 1800 876 553
 Independent stores  Report to individual store


What types of Litter can I report?

The following types of litter can be reported to us by using the Council App:

  • Litter/Rubbish on a road or nature strip
  • Litter/Rubbish in a park
  • Witnessing illegal dumping

You can also report litter that has been thrown from a vehicle to Council or to the EPA directly. To report litter thrown from a vehicle you can complete the Litter Report Form and return it to us by mail or email

What Information do I need to make a report?

The more information you can provide, the more likely we will be able identify the offender. Any information you can provide can help us, the following information is best when reporting littering, if possible:

  • the vehicle's registration number
  • a description of the vehicle, including make (eg. Holden), body type (eg. sedan, ute, van, etc), colour and model (if possible)
  • where and when you saw the vehicle, including the road, suburb, date and time
  • type of litter that you saw
  • description of the person who dropped the litter (if possible).

How do I request a new Litter Bin or Smokers Pole?

To request a new litter bin or smokers pole, please send your request to us in writing via email or call us on 9205 2200. Please include the location and reason for installation in your request. All requests for litter bins and smokers poles will be reviewed and you will be contacted with the outcome of the review.


Updated : 3:03 PM, 8 January 2018

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