Meet + Eat ( Series 2 ) Visit Another Australia. Visit Another Hume.

Meet + Eat ( series 2 ) Visit Another Australia. Visit Another Hume

by CuriousWorks




CuriousWorks is a Sydney-based community cultural development organisation working primarily in digital media. CuriousWorks seeks to empower people of diverse backgrounds to tell their own stories through film, as well as providing training and leadership opportunities to create pathways to future opportunities and employment.

Meet+Eat is a three-year project in Hume City, in parallel with Liverpool City in Western Sydney, NSW. In its third year, CuriousWorks continues to build the long-term creative capacity of ‘Cultural Leaders’ via a program of hands-on training and mentoring through the making of documentary film.

In Hume, the project has now completed another three films, documenting intercultural stories and celebrating the extraordinary lives of a number of residents. Each episode features the act of sharing a meal as a way of getting people from different walks of life to sit down and ‘have a yarn’.

Episode 5: Fields of Dreams - Dhammika and Nayaana
is about two immigrant families from Hume, one from Sri Lanka and one from the Punjab in India, who share a common love and passion for dancing.

Episode 6: On the Line - Ahmad, Zahara and Kevin
is about three artists from Hume who make art that matters.

Episode 7: Wild at Heart - Omar and the Troutbec Brothers
is the story of global and suburban displacement told through the courageous and inspiring stories of one of Hume’s oldest farming families and some of Hume’s newest arrivals. 

Meet+Eat reminds us that we don’t know the stories behind many of the people we come into contact with. We may exchange words with them in a staff meeting, at a family function, in the sports dressing room or across the backyard fence, but without knowing the whole story we form our own assumptions about who they are and what they think.

When we are invited into someone’s home to share a meal with them, we begin to gain a fuller picture of a person. The exchange of stories between two people, who might otherwise have never dined together, fosters deeper and more personal conversations about diversity in our community.

Working directly with local families and community groups from Hume, these films use the joyous occasion of music, dance, cooking and new friendship as a means to visit themes of immigration, displacement, identity, personal history, youth culture and undiscovered talent.

You can view all six Meet + Eat films here
Meet+Eat is an initiative of CuriousWorks, with the generous support of VicHealth, Scanlon Foundation and Hume City Council’s Community Grants Program.

Updated : 10:10 AM, 1 June 2017

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