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Re-Worked focuses on the concept of the ‘open work’. An artwork may never need be finished and therefore constantly open to radical transformation. Reworking the old with the new, combining mistakes with elements that have since lost appeal to the artist; opening up whole new directions and possibilities through chance encounter.

Wardy challenges her attachment to notions of preciousness, embracing cycles of destruction (deconstruction) and renewal in a visual practice that treats materiality like a ‘humus’. There is indeed the sense of an organic process occurring. The cut shapes are curvy and microbiological in appearance, merging in new dynamic webs and clusters of activity and relationship.

 Presented in vaguely rectangular formats, the works echo their origin in the two-dimensional realm of painting, however their surfaces and edges are now bursting with texture and shape that declare something far more sculptural in their presence. The story of their materiality has come to the fore.  

 “This method of creation is immensely enjoyable for me. It is a process of combination; experimenting and creating things freely. The inclusion of fabric pieces, sequins, and threads extends the artworks and adds the fun element to it. Often, I feel held back due to the fear of ruining a work or wasting materials without a ‘positive’ outcome. This method of working was like a bridge that enabled me to cross over that boundary and reframe my way of thinking in a constructive manner that lead to a pleasing outcome.” Raneen Wardy

Raneen Wardy is a Craigieburn artist whose primary discipline is painting. She graduated from RMIT university with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in 2018 and is currently undertaking a Masters degree.

Raneen’s work plays with abstract expressionism; seeking a sense of movement in her work through the interaction of form, colour and texture. Raneen creates art for the pure joy and excitement of play and creation. Painting on fabric fosters a freedom to turn a work into multiple other objects, allowing other lives and purposes. The paintings have become sculptural works as well as  usable items like bags and earrings.

Raneen has participated in a number of group exhibitions, most notable is Side of the Spectrum 2018 where the exhibition space was transformed into a safe space through the use of bleached fabric and fairy lights. 

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