Light, Shadow, Texture, Time

Light, Shadow, Texture, Time - A Survey of Paintings by Mia Schoen

A Survey of Paintings by Mia Schoen

Craigieburn Gallery, Hume Global Learning Centre
9 July - 31 August 2012

Mia Schoen’s work over the past two decades has consistently explored the phenomena of the contemporary suburban landscape.

In Mia’s paintings we experience vistas of the urban fringe, too often familiar and thus mundane, depicted in a heightened, visceral light.

Schoen’s panoramas, with their epic sky-scapes and punctuations of deep shadow, draw the viewer into a foreground and ask that we look more, look again.

There is an inherent beauty and fear in what we see; a sense of new hope and beginnings, the unease of the ‘hinterland’ or ‘between-zone’, a lament for a landscape in dramatic and irreversible flux.

Schoen’s paintings capture diverse locations from across Australia, as well as from travels in the USA and Korea. A large portion of her body of work features landscapes from within Hume City, including the view from her home in Jacana, where she has lived and worked for the last 8 years.

About the artist:
Born in Germany in 1972, Mia completed a Diploma of Graphic Design at the Perth Metropolitan School of TAFE, before moving to Melbourne.

New Estate (Gowanbrae) painting

Completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2005, Schoen won prizes from benefactors of the VCA including the Wallara Travelling scholarship, enabling her to visit the USA to study new housing estates.

Her works have been acquired by Parliament House Western Australia, Hume City Council and numerous public and private collections. Her work has been featured in many publications including the Melbourne Age and the journal Meanjin.

Schoen divides her studio time at her home in Jacana, Melbourne, with teaching drawing and painting at the Centre for Adult Education. She is also engaged by the Bureau of Meteorology where she co-ordinates the photographic competition for the Australian Weather Calendar.

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