One - Anthony Bertucci


"There is a constant dialogue happening between me and the art I'm producing, it’s a tug of war between perfection and imperfection. Somewhere in the middle is where I want to be with my art; to honor the majestic imperfections of life and nature and the obscured beauty all around us."

Inspired by Natural landscapes, ethereal spaces and notions of transcendence, Bertucci’s paintings vibrate with splashes of colour and layered movement. Abstract Expressionism and spirituality have always been an inspiration for Anthony's work, which has been evolving over the past two decades. This latest collection delves into fantastical landscapes, space travel and interpretations of the macro and micro Cosmos.

 “While painting these pieces, I always want to create worlds that seem familiar but are more vivid and self-interpretative. I want to take the viewer away for a brief moment, to places unknown, maybe from a dream, maybe from a sci-fi movie, but all these places are vistas of peace and harmony. Through abstraction, I achieve this. Only you, the viewer, make this adventure finite. Be absorbed into these languishing landscapes and find the freedom within.”

This collection of work is influenced by meditative states of being and that of oneness with the universe. 

Thursday 18 April - Sunday 23 June 2019

Gee Lee-Wik Doleen Gallery, Hume Global Learning Centre - Craigieburn
75-95 Central Park Avenue, Craigieburn

Monday – Thursday: 10am - 8pm
Friday: 10am - 5pm
Saturday: 10am - 4pm
Sunday: 1pm - 4pm
Not open on public holidays

To coincide with this exhibition, Hume community members are invited to celebrate World Meditation Day 2019 in the gallery with a free introduction to meditation class led by Craigieburn members of Brahma Kumaris Australia.

Come and discover the healing and creative benefits if meditation with us!

Wednesday 15 May 2019, 11am - 12.30pm

please RSVP - Mediation class by 8 May 2019.

Updated : 3:27 PM, 26 June 2019

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