Palimpsest, Images from a Disappearing Landscape

1 May - 30 June 2012


Artist’s Introduction:
Palimpsest, Images from a Disappearing Landscape documents some of the City of Hume's rapidly vanishing ruralness as the ever encroaching suburbs lay claim to the paddocks on our northern fringe.

In this process of suburbanisation, it is not to long before we try to remember, or our children ask, 'what was there before us?'.

In Palimpsest, Images from a Disappearing Landscape, I have started a process of documenting the area and leaving a visual map for future generations. It is far from complete, but I hope it is an inspiring start to this collection of images.

- Andrew Chapman, May 2012

About the artist:
Andrew Chapman has always held a love of documentary photojournalism and landscape photography. He has been a major contributor to the Australian Magazine industry over the last 30 years, contributing regularly to Time, BRW and The Bulletin, amongst many others. Over the past 6 years he has published 3 books, The Shearers, Campaign and Woolsheds as well as major contributions to many others.

Andrew has exhibited widely around Australia as well as France and the USA. His work is held in the collections of the National Library of Australia, The State Library of Victoria, The City of Montpellier and many other public and private collections.

Andrew was the founder and inaugural president of MAP Group, a collective of documentary photographers. In 2009 MAP Group published Beyond Reasonable Drought, a photographic record of climate change and drought across Australia.

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