Soul, Spirit, Self - Art of Intuition

Gee Lee-Wik Doleen Gallery hosts a shared exhibition by two self-taught Hume artists. Both women explore personal intuition, spontaneity and deep feeling at the core of their practice.

Yelena Ashlapova

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“Talking to image, as with a mirror, gives an opportunity to deepen an understanding of soul and spirit nature.”

Yelena approaches her art with an immediacy that seeks to evade conscious intention. Instead, she nurtures a trust in raw intuition and the personal conversation that occurs in the very moment of art-making.

Yelena exhibits a selection of her recent paintings accompanied by original musical compositions.

Orignally from Kazakhstan, Yelena lives and works Craigieburn.

Serap Kaman Istekli

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 Serap works in collage, cutting and layering mixed-media imagery onto canvas, her imagery evolves during the process of application.

Serap's large-scale detailed works depict mythical landscapes and figures. In utopian settings, wild birds invade the serenity and peace of clustered homes and buildings. There is an apparent tension between a sense of paradise and chaos, reflecting upon how oblivious we can be to danger when engulfed in our own peaceful existence.

Serap's works speak of the wonder and beauty of a world that exists in collusion with more hidden forces of destruction neglect and greed.

Orignally from Turkey, Serap lives and works in Roxburgh Park.

Thursday 1 June - Sunday 13 August, 2017

launch Celebration: Wednesday 28 June, 6 - 7.30pm

Gee Lee-Wik Doleen Gallery, Hume Global Learning Centre - Craigieburn
75-95 Central Park Avenue, Craigieburn

Monday – Thursday: 10am - 8pm
Friday: 10am - 5pm
Saturday: 10am - 4pm
Sunday: 1pm - 4pm

*Not open on public holidays

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