Stay safe from snakes

Warmer weather has arrived, and with it comes the heightened risk of snakes.

Snakes, such as Brown, Tiger and Red-bellied Black Snakes, become active in Spring through to Autumn, and will often seek warm places such as concreted surfaces and dry, open areas to sunbake. This can include areas close to houses and infrastructure in parks and reserves.

Council advises residents to be tolerant of their presence, and avoid walking through long grass or areas where a snake has been sighted.

In the event that a snake is seen around a public facility, such as a playground, Council will employ a professional snake catcher to relocate the snake to suitable habitat nearby. Call 9205 2200 to report a snake sighting in a public area.

Council does not remove snakes on private property, and advises residents to contact a professional snake handler to relocate the snake to a nearby reserve, usually for a fee. 

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Posted on 12:00 PM, 31 October 2017

Updated : 2:43 PM, 31 October 2017

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