Broadmeadows Dog Park Design Options

Help choose the final design for Broadmeadows Dog Park

In 2016 Hume City Council invited community input into a proposed dog park to be located in John Ilhan Memorial Reserve, Broadmeadows. Council asked the community about the design and features to be included, such as the dog park size, seating, shelter and dog exercise/agility equipment.

From the feedback, Council has prepared two designs for the community to choose from. Both designs include the following features:

  • A secure perimeter with 1.2m high fencing, double gates and two entry/exit points.
  • A separate (fenced) area for small dogs and general area for all dogs.
  • Amenities for users (dogs and people), including a drinking fountain with a dog water bowl, bins with dog-waste bags, seating, paths and signs displaying the park rules.

The key differences between the two design options are described below. Larger images of the design options (A4 size) can be downloaded under 'Key Documents'.

 Broadmeadows Dog Park Design Option 1     Broadmeadows Dog Park Design Option 2  
  • 2,800m2 fully fenced area
  • Eight exercise/agility equipment items
  • Shelter with two benches
  • An additional drinking fountain 
  • 3,900m2 fully fenced area
  • Four exercise/agility equipment items
  • More space for dogs to run and play 
 Broadmeadows Dog Park Design 1  Broadmeadows Dog Park Design 2


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Comment_IcontPlease let us know which Broadmeadows Dog Park design option you prefer online by clicking here to complete a short online survey or you can download a PDF version of the survey under 'Key Documents'.

Community Feedback Session was held 10.30am to 12pm Sunday 19 Novermber 2017 at the Broadmeadows Obedience Dog Club located in the John Ilhan Memorial Reserve, Barry Road, Broadmeadows.

If you require additional information please email or call us a call on 9205 2200. 

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