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Generic_Survey_IconHume City Council is committed to making a positive difference to the lives of all those who live, work and play in Hume.
From November until 9 December 2016, residents may have been randomly contacted to complete a Community Indicators Survey over the telephone.  Residents not contacted, but wanting to provide feedback on Council’s performance for the last 12 months, were able to complete an online survey.

The survey collects important information related to individual and community health and wellbeing, access to community services, attitudes towards environmental sustainability and Council’s performance. The survey results inform Council priorities to ensure community needs and expectations continue to be met as the City grows, and in line with the vision and aspirations of our community plan, Hume Horizons 2040.

Council is currently analysing the results from the survey. Findings from the survey will be presented to Council in February 2017 and considered as part of the development of the new Council Plan 2017-2021. Key results from the survey will also be published in the Council Plan, Hume Pride and Council’s Annual Report.

If you have an enquiry regarding this survey, please feel free to contact Council’s Research and Engagement Team on 9205 2200.

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