Council Priorities

Each year Council undertakes a range of community consultation and engagement activities to inform the setting of Council priorities and updating of the Council Plan 2017-2021 and Annual Budget.

This year, Council seeking community feedback via:

  • A community survey of 500 randomly selected telephone interviews
  • An online and paper based community survey
  • An online ‘Budget Simulator
  • Face-to-face pop-up engagement sessions at Council events from December to April
  • Community applications for infrastructure projects.

Thank you to everyone who shared their feedback at Hume Carols by Candlelight, Christmas on the Green, and Christmas in the Plaza. 

Online Discussions

Budget Simulator

Click here to create your Council budget!

The Hume Budget Simulator gives you the chance to better understand Council services and learn about how and where we spend money to support the Hume Community.

Our Community has a range of needs and Council services support these every day of the year. Just like your budget at home, balancing a budget is about deciding on priorities and what's important. 

'Create your Budget’ to get started and let us know what you think should be the priorities in the Council budget. More information about Council services can be found by clicking on the ‘i’ icon next to the title of each service.

Whilst using the Budget Simulator you will be presented with Council’s overall annual expenditure figure for 2017/18.This covers all Council expenditure necessary to meet legislative requirements and provide good governance and includes internal costs such as fleet and equipment, accounting, information technology and human resources. However, within the Budget Simulator you are only being asked to provide feedback on services that you have direct experience with, as follows:

  • Road, traffic and transport network
  • Community engagement
  • Economic development
  • Libraries, arts and culture
  • Waste management and city appearance
  • Parks and open space
  • Community services
  • City Planning and Development

The sum of the expenditure that you allocate to the individual service areas will not equal the Council's overall budget expenditure.

Please note: a number of Council services in the Budget Simulator generate or attract revenue via fees and charges, grants or external funding which offsets against expenditure. The Budget Simulator shows expenditure for services only, not net (expenditure minus revenue).

Information received via the Budget Simulator will be included with feedback from a range of consultation activities to help inform the Council Plan and Budget for 2018/19. 

Community Survey

This consultation has now closed - thank you for your participation!

Hume City Council invited all residents to provide feedback on what is important to them and how well they think Council is performing on a range of different services we provide by completing a community survey.

A telephone survey was conducted with 500 randomly selected residents from across Hume City, along with complementary online and paper-based surveys for those who wanted to ‘opt-in’ and share their views. This survey was also made available in Turkish, Arabic and Vietnamese.

Council is now in the process of analysing and reviewing these results. Findings will be presented to Councillors in early 2018 and shared with our community via upcoming editions of Hume Pride.

We would like to thank everyone who gave their valuable time participated in this survey, and we look forward to seeing the results! 

Infrastructure Projects

Submissions have now closed - thank you for your participation! 

Council encouraged the community to submit applications for infrastructure projects to be considered as part of the 2018/19 budget or future budgets, and short to long term capital works program.

More than 130 submissions were received!

Council Officers are currently reviewing these submissions as part of its Council Budget planning process, and applications will be considered by Council as part of the Draft Budget in late April 2017. Applications will be notified on whether their application has been included in the Draft Budget at this time. 

Updated : 5:36 PM, 11 April 2018

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Key Dates
Community submissions for infrastructure projects
Opened between 25 Sept to 6 Nov 2017
Timeline_Mark_Completed.png Community survey
Consultation opened between 13 Nov to 1 Dec 2017

Hume Budget Simulator available
8 Dec 2017 to 13 Apr 2018

Timeline_Mark_NextSteps.png Draft Council Plan and Budget considered by Council
Late April 2018 
Timeline_Mark_NextSteps.png Draft Council Plan and Budget open for public submissions
May to early June 2018
Timeline_Mark_NextSteps.png Committee of Whole of Council hears public submissions
June 2018

Council Plan and Budget adopted by Council
Late June 2018