Draft Council Plan and Budget 2019/20

The Draft Council Plan 2017-2021 (2019/20 Actions) outlines the key projects and objectives Council wants to achieve over four years, with projects and services funded via the Draft Budget. Each year, we undertake a broad range of community consultation and engagement activities to support Council in setting these priorities. This year, this included:

  • A community indicators survey of 500 randomly selected telephone interviews
  • An online and paper based community indicators survey
  • Facebook Q&A online discussion.

Both Council and Council Officers carefully considered your feedback during the development of the Draft Council Plan and Budget, and this feedback shaped the development of key actions for 2019/20 and beyond. The Draft Council Plan includes further information on this engagement process and the feedback we received.

The Council Plan and Budget are expected to be formally adopted by Council 24 June 2019.

How to provide your feedback:

In accordance with section 129 of the Local Government Act 1989, public notice has been given that copies of the Draft Council Plan and Budget will be available for inspection from 1 May to 29 May 2019 at Council’s Customer Service Centres and Libraries.

icon_facebook Facecebook Q&A session

Council is running a live, written Q&A session on the draft Council Plan 2017-2021 (2019/20 Actions) on Monday 20 May 2019 from 7.30pm to 8.30pm.

The live, written Q&A offers and opportunity to ask questions about these key strategic documents and receive a response in real-time. Register for the Q&A session event on the Hume City Council Facebook page to participate. 

Refer to the terms and conditions of the event below.  

icon_write.png Written Submissions

In accordance with section 223 of the Local Government Act 1989, written submissions on any proposal contained within the Draft Council Plan and Budget (and related Draft Fees and Charges) will be accepted between 1 May and 29 May 2019. Submissions received will be included in an agenda for a meeting of Council that will be made available to the public.

Submissions should be addressed to:

     Mr. Domenic Isola - Chief Executive Officer
     Hume City Council
     PO Box 119,
     Dallas,   Vic.     3047

or you can email your submission via contactus@hume.vic.gov.au

Any person who wishes to be heard in support of their written submission must request this in their submission. Such persons will be entitled to appear in person or by a person acting on their behalf before a Committee of the Whole Council where submissions will be heard. The Committee will consider any submissions received on Monday, 3 June 2019 at 6.30pm in the Council Chamber, (Hume Global Learning Centre), Broadmeadows

More information about the Draft Budget is available from Mr. Fadi Srour, Manager Finance and Property Development and on the Draft Council Plan from Mr. Ben Jordan, Coordinator Council and Service Planning. They can be contacted on (03) 9205 2200.  

Online Discussions

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Key Dates
Timeline_Mark_Completed.png   Community indicators survey
Consultation opened from November to December 2018
Timeline_Mark_Completed.png   Draft Council Plan and Budget considered by Council
29 April 2019 
Timeline_Mark_Inprogress.png   Draft Council Plan and Budget open for public submissions
1 May to 29 May 2019
Timeline_Mark_NextSteps.png   Facebook Q&A Session
20 May 2019
7.30pm to 8.30pm
Timeline_Mark_NextSteps.png   Committee of Whole of Council hears public submissions
3 June 2019

Council Plan and Budget adopted by Council
24 June 2019