Draft Greenvale Recreation Reserve Master Plan

Greenvale Recreation Reserve is the largest and most diverse sporting and recreation open space area servicing the Greenvale community. To ensure this reserve continues to respond to community needs, Council has recently completed a Draft Greenvale Recreation Reserve Master Plan.

This Draft Master Plan has been developed following extensive community consultation and research:

  • A detailed site analysis
  • Review and consideration of planning reports relating to the reserve and its surrounds, including the three Greenvale Precinct Structure Plans
  • Consultation with the regular user groups based at the reserve, local residents and community groups
  • Assessment of various options and scenarios to improve and upgrade the reserve.

The development of the Master Plan has taken a little longer than Council had initially anticipated due the Greenvale Central Precinct Structure Plan and need for further investigations on civil works that are likely to impact on the Greenvale Recreation Reserve.

Any proposed works/recommendations relating to pavilion development/redevelopment and or sports lighting have been referred to Council’s city wide Pavilion Plan and Lighting Plan. These works will not be included in the ‘proposed works schedule’ of this plan. Any priority works will be considered against Council wide projects related to pavilion development/ redevelopment or the provision of new and additional sports lighting.

Council welcomes community feedback on the Master Plan and looks forward to your comments. Feedback on this plan, and your comments, can be emailed to leisure@hume.vic.gov.au

If you require any further information about the plan, please email us at laurensw@hume.vic.gov.au

A report that incorporates your feedback will be presented to Council for consideration prior to adoption.

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Updated : 5:50 PM, 27 March 2018

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