Graffiti in Hume

We appreciate your time in helping us understand more about community impressions, experiences and expectations regarding graffiti and its management in the municipality. There are two ways to have your say:

The interactive map: upload a picture of graffiti you have seen in Hume and pin it to the map. Give it a ‘thumbs up’ (love it) or a ‘thumbs down’ (hate it) and add a comment about why. This will help Council locate ‘hotspots’ and to understand what you consider to be graffiti and what you consider to be art.

The short survey: take a few minutes to share your thoughts on graffiti and graffiti management in Hume. This will help Council understand what you think works well and what doesn’t in managing graffiti.


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Updated : 1:38 PM, 23 March 2020

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