Hume 0-24 Framework (Draft)


Hume City Council has worked with the community to develop a ten-year strategic framework for children and young people aged 0-24 years and their families across Hume. Over 1300 children, young people, families and organisations provided comments to inform the Framework’s key themes and strategic objectives.The Framework will lead the collective efforts of service providers, policy makers and community towards improved outcomes for children and young people in Hume.

Hume City Council has developed the Draft Hume 0-24 Framework. Hume City Council sought feedback on the draft framework through public consultation. The consultation process closed on 14 May 2019. Thank you for providing your feedback. Council will now look into the feedback received and the feedback obtained will inform the finalisation of the draft. 

If you have any further questions about this project please contact:

Kelly Brand     Janine Livingston
Coordinator Participation and Partnerships     Coordinator Youth Services
Tel: 9205 2545     Tel: 9205 2535


The consultation process closed on 14 May 2019.

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Key Dates



Community Consultation to build the framework 


Draft Framework open for public comment
  Feedback closed on 14 May 2019

Timeline_Mark_NextSteps.png  Final 0-24 Years Framework
Council adoption expected in 2019