Improve your park - Buchan St Reserve

Last year Council asked the community for ideas for a new playspace at Buchan Street Reserve, Meadow Heights. Construction of this new playspace will commence in mid-2017. The next stage was to hear community ideas for the rest of the park. Specifically 'what improvements could be made to Buchan Street Reserve to make this park a more welcoming and enjoyable space for the local community?' Community ideas will inform a Site Development Plan which will include a priority list of works to be implemented over the next five years.


Thank you to everyone who attended the Community Ideas Session and shared their ideas

This consultation closed on 10 April 2017. If you require additional information, please contact Hume City Council's Community and Activity Centre Planning on 9205 2200 or

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Updated : 9:42 AM, 11 April 2017

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Key Dates
Community Ideas Session
Held on Saturday 1 April
Buchan Street Reserve, Meadow Heights
11am - 1pm