Meadow Heights Skate Park Upgrade and Expansion

Council is upgrading and expanding the Meadow Heights Skate Park located at Buchan Street Reserve, Meadow Heights.

The project aims to establish the Skate Park as a district facility by expanding the opportunities to include new skate, scooter and BMX elements and upgrade the existing skate bowl to improve access and safety.

The proposed works to the extension of the Meadow Heights Skate Park has been designed to integrate into the existing facility, allowing users to seamlessly flow between all differing spaces.  The two new connecting areas offer a street styled area (i.e. ledges, rails, banks) along with a pump track, greatly increasing the diversity of the space.  The idea being that for all types of terrain to be incorporated into the entire facility.  These additions will encourage a greater range of users from the experienced skateboarders, BMX bowl riders to beginner scooter users.  Importantly several of the elements (i.e. quarter pipes and hipped banks) will cater for beginner to intermediate users offering numerous opportunities to progress to the more advanced level of the existing bowl.  In addition, numerous level changes (stairs, banks etc...) have been included throughout the proposed concept to allow flow and to work with the existing levels of the site. To ensure a space for everyone, several refuges space with shelter and seating are proposed.  These are located to maximise shade and the view back into the spaces and beyond to the playground.

Council asked for your feedback on the draft plans (shown below) and is now considering this information.

Draft concept plan:

Concept Plan - Meadow Heights Skate Park Upgrade

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Updated : 11:06 AM, 3 February 2020

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