Municipal Fire Management Plan 2020-2023


 The Municipal Fire Management Plan (Draft) is currently under review as part of its three-year audit cycle and Council thanks all who provided feedback on the revised three-year plan

The plan has been developed by the Hume City Council Municipal Fire Management Planning Committee which includes representatives from Council staff, CFA, MFB, Parks Victoria (DEWLP), Victoria Police and other stakeholders as required such as utilities. All stakeholders contribute knowledge, experience, resources, capability and aim to achieve measurable fire management outcomes through agreed and achievable risk treatments.

The main aim behind planning is protection of life and property. The plan is developed to provide an avenue to build and sustain organisational partnerships, generate a common understanding and purpose with regard to fire management and to ensure that the plans of individual agencies are linked and complement each other.It is a coordinated approach by a range of stakeholders to discuss, plan and manage fire in the community by adhering to a key tenet of emergency planning - before, during and after for emergencies. 

The lead focus of the Hume Municipal Fire Management Plan (Draft) is on the grass fire risk environment using the Victorian Fire Risk Register(VFRR) as an informing tool.  The objectives of the plan are to:
1.  Identify priorities and coordinate treatments for fire risks 
2. Engage the community to participate actively in fire management planning
3. Increase the capacity of communities within Hume City Council to prepare themselves and their assets in the event of a fire
4.  Monitor, review and evaluate all activities across the fire plan



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