Proposal to name an unnamed pavilion the 'Jessy Carroll Memorial Pavilion'



In accordance with the Hume City Council's Proposals for Memorialisation within the Municipality of Hume, Council is inviting local residents to have their say on this proposal. 

An unnamed newly constructed pavilion is located at the John McMahon reserve on Lancefield Road, Sunbury, where Mr. Carroll was an active member of the local sporting community. Hume City Council is considering a proposal to name the unnamed pavilion the 'Jessy Carroll Memorial Pavilion' in honour of the late Mr. Jessy Carroll.  Mr. Jessy Carroll was an active member of the East Sunbury Cricket Club, Sunbury United Cricket Club and the East Sunbury sporting group. Mr Carroll who was a coach and a captain at some of the above clubs, passed away on 17 November 2018.

The proposal to name the unnamed pavilion the 'Jessy Carroll Memorial Pavilion' was raised as a General Business item by Cr Leigh Johnson at the Council Meeting held on 10 December 2018. Council’s reasons for considering this proposal are detailed in Council Report number GE342

How to provide your feedback:

 icon_email.png Email Matthew Wilton, Governance Support Officer:-
 icon_phone.png Phone Matthew Wilton, Governance Support Officer:   9205 2200



Written submission should be marked 'Proposal to name unnamed pavilion at the John McMahon Reserve the 'Jessy Carroll Memorial Pavilion' and  must be addressed to:                                              
Chief Executive Officer
Hume City Council
PO Box 119, Dallas 3047


Please provide your feedback before Friday 21 June 2019 5.00 pm

If you require any further information regarding this matter please contact Matthew Wilton, Governance Support Officer, on 9205 2200.

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