Road Management Plan Review

Hume City Council has reviewed its Road Management Plan and is now seeking your feedback.

The purpose of the review is to look at current maintenance service levels including the inspection, maintenance and repair of roads, footpaths and bridges, with Council’s resources and community expectations in mind.

A draft Road Management Plan 2017 has been developed. Please click here to view the draft. Alternatively, you can download the draft Road Management Plan and current Road Management Plan under the 'Key Documents', located on the right side of this page. 

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Comment_Icont Provide your feedback by contacting Geoff Bird, Coordinator Technical Services at Hume City Council, on 9205 2200 or by email at 

Updated : 1:51 PM, 17 July 2017

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Key Dates

Consultation closes: 5.00pm Friday 18 August 2017