Seabrook Reserve: A Fresh Start

Hume City Council is making improvements to Seabrook Reserve, Broadmeadows.  We are exploring a range of principles and design options to improve the reserve and incorporate community views.

Proposed upgrades include:

  1. Local road connection with additional parking and access to sports facilities
  2. Neighbourhood park node including picnic furniture, facilities and walking/ cycling paths
  3. New housing facing the reserve to activate the area and increase activity within the reserve
  4. Upgraded sports facilities including rugby and cricket pitches
  5. New pavilion
  6. New play space
  7. Additional shared path, with connections to Meadowlink
  8. Revegetation of the creek corridor
  9. Upgraded pedestrian bridge
  10. Carpark/ development site

This consultation has now closed. Thank you for sharing yourfeedback. 

Stay tuned for further updates on Seabrook Reserve.

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Updated : 1:00 AM, 19 March 2019

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Key Dates

Consultation opens
15 February 


On-site Consultation
Seabrook Reserve

2 March 9am-11am

* Please note the change of time due to heat  

  Consultation closes
18 March 2019