Somerton Industrial Area Traffic Study

As part of Hume City Council’s ongoing commitment to Local Area Traffic Management (LATM), Council undertook a study of traffic issues within the Somerton Industrial area bounded by the Craigieburn Railway Line, Glenelg Street, the Upfield Railway Line, Barry Road, the Merri Creek and Craigieburn Road East. Council is now reviewing, and investigating, the feedback received.

Note: Within this study area, there are a number of roads which are not controlled by Hume City Council and are outside of scope for this project. For more information about the roads out of scope, please visit the online map

You can click on the map below to view the feedback that was given by residents, business owners, employees and contractors via the Interactive Mapping Tool.  The map includes information such as traffic speed data and recorded crashes.

  Somerton study area   

Some examples of the types of feedback Council received was related to: 



Pedestrians and Cycling



♦ Speeding issues   ♦ Access and connectivity   ♦ Parking restrictions
♦ Safety issues   ♦ Cycling lanes/paths   ♦ Parking congestion 
♦ Congestion issues       ♦ Footpaths and shared paths       ♦ Safety issues 



    For further information please contact Joseph Ianni, 9356 6786



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Updated : 12:48 PM, 8 January 2020

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Key Dates
Timeline_Mark_Inprogress.png Community consultation

November 2019

 Timeline_Mark_Inprogress.png Drop-in session held:
Tuesday 3 December 2019
 Timeline_Mark_Inprogress.png Consultation closed.
Monday 23 December 2019

Reviewing issues and
developing draft LATM plan


Community feedback on
draft LATM plan


Commence implementation