Sponsorship Policy - update

Changes have been made to the original policy to ensure it better aligns with the community expectations of Hume Horizons 2040 as well as Council’s strategic priorities and its core values of social justice, sustainability and commitment to Child Safe Standards.

Sponsorship opportunities are now considered in terms of how they meet key selection criteria and any sponsorship Council undertakes must not compromise its reputation, image, probity or ability to fulfil its functions and responsibilities. 

For more detail, read the 2018 Sponsorship Policy by downloading document under 'Key Documents'. 

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Comment_Icont Let us know if you have any feedback on the 2018 Sponsorship Policy or would like some additional information, please contact us at commsandevents@hume.vic.gov.au
or call us on 9205 2200.

Updated : 9:00 AM, 13 December 2017

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Feedback closes: Wednesday 24 January 2018