Evaluation of the smoke-free outdoor dining trail in O’Shanassy Street East, Sunbury

On 8 February 2016, Council endorsed the trial of smoke-free outdoor dining in O’Shanassy Street East. As part of the trial, smokingwas banned in O’Shanassy Street East (the restaurant side) from 4 April 2016 – 4 April 2017, between Brook Street and Station Street.

Council considered the findings of community and trader consultation conducted from 10 November – 7 December 2015. Of the 156 people surveyed, 88.5% said they supported a trial. You can read the consultation report under the Key Documents link on this page.

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Thank you to everyone who provided their feedback on the trial. For more information visit www.hume.vic.gov.au/smokefreedining or contact Hume City Council by phone on 9205 2200 or by email at pophealth@hume.vic.gov.au 

Updated : 1:42 PM, 20 April 2017

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Key Dates

Consultation closed: 18 April 2017