Civic Heart - Broadmeadows Town Hall

In anticipation of a major redevelopment and renewal of The Broadmeadows Town Hall, a group of RMIT Masters students from Art In Public Space were invited to visit and make artwork that responded to the building in its current state.

The students produced site-specific works that were displayed throughout the Hall's three levels, often interacting with elements of the building itself. The artworks reflected upon the physical, cultural and historical importance of the hall, addressing aspects of its architecture, its use and occupation over time, as well as its wider significance to the Broadmeadows area.

rearview.JPG tickets.JPG

teacups.JPG mayor.JPG

foyer.JPG paper ink.JPG

(Photos by Pia Johnson and Andrew Ferris)

The Civic Heart project took place during July 2015, with a special public viewing.

Find out more about the project in the video below:


 For more detailed information on each work created for Civic Heart, download the e-book here.

Updated : 10:56 AM, 2 February 2016

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