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Meet + Eat: Visit Another Australia. Visit Another Hume.

CuriousWorks is a Sydney-based community cultural development organisation working primarily in digital media. CuriousWorks seeks to empower people of diverse backgrounds to tell their own stories through film, as well as providing training and leadership opportunities to create pathways to future opportunities and employment.

Meet+Eat is a three-year project in Hume City. In its third year, the project has now produced six episodes, documenting intercultural stories and celebrating the extraordinary lives of a number of residents. Each episode features the act of sharing a meal as a way of getting people from different walks of life to sit down and ‘have a yarn’. 

The Hume series was created by the talented Creative Producer Emma Macey-Storch.

In Wild at Heart three elderly brothers in their 80's are still running perhaps the last dairy farm in Craigieburn. After four generations on the land, their days are numbered as they struggle to survive the modernisation of milk production and the ever approaching suburban sprawl.
Nadia and Omar, on the other hand, have already had to leave their land in Pakistan and for them, living in the new developments on the rural fringe in Craigieburn is a hidden paradise.

In On The Line we meet three artists from Hume who make art that matters. Ahmad and Zahrah have made it their mission to search out and document falafel and hummus shops in some of the most dangerous war zones and refugee camps around the world, so as to bring the every day existence of refugees to our doorstep. Kevin is a ‘speed rapper’ who spits poetry at high speed, painting a picture of his daily life growing up in Broadmeadows.

Field of Dreams gives us an insight into the cultural significance of dance in both Sri Lankan and Indian cultures, offering an inspiring example of how dance has helped two families build new communities in Hume.

Symphony for Two Rivers looks at two passionate and talented musicians – one from generations of pioneers to Australia, the other a refugee from Iraq. Through collaboration, Yousif and David discover music can bridge any cultural divide – even conflicting musical scales and different tuning styles.

In The Deer and the Fawn we visit Banksia Gardens in Broadmeadows; a dynamic and innovative neighbourhood house in one of Australia’s most culturally diverse areas. Banksia Gardens play host to The Girls Circle and the Turkish Women’s Group. When members of The Girls Circle arrange to have lunch with the older Turkish ladies, both parties have surprising reservations about the other.

The Princess and the Bird explores heartfelt comparisons of the immigration experience through the narrative of Maria and Helen. Helen’s family came from Greece in the 1960′s, Maria, a Samoan Princess, was sent away from her family as a child to find a better life.


Meet+Eat is an initiative of CuriousWorks, with the generous support of VicHealth, Scanlon Foundation and Hume City Council’s Community Grants Program.

Updated : 1:56 PM, 15 December 2015

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