Craigieburn Park Public Art Project

The Centre for Art, Society and Transformation (CAST) - a research centre of RMIT - is currently working with the local Craigieburn community in developing a new public art work for Craigieburn Park.

The project is being facilitated by CAST member Clare McCracken together with local artist Aslam Akram as lead artist and local emerging artist Rubaba Haider who is being mentored through the project.

There has been wide consultations with members of the Craigieburn community including local artists, historians, community organisations and cultural groups, as well as future park users, to ensure the design is informed by local knowledge and culture.

The developing design concept investigates themes of dance, movement and motion - subjects that have resonated with local residents - from those who have migrated to the area, to those who have witnessed the development of Craigieburn over a long period of time.

The art work is due to be fabricated in early 2016 and launched with the opening of Craigieburn Park.


Developmental drawings, Craigieburn park Public Art Project, photos by Clare McCracken.

Updated : 11:02 AM, 22 February 2016

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