Leo Dineen Reserve Pavilion Upgrade

  • Project statusConstruction
  • Project value2.844 Million
Photo of Leo Dineen Reserve Sign

We're upgrading the Leo Dineen Reserve Pavilion to expand its uses and provide better spaces for local sporting clubs and the wider community.

What we're doing

Leo Dineen Reserve pavilion will undergo an upgrade to improve local sport and recreational facilities for our community. This new multipurpose pavilion will include: 

  • female and family friendly changerooms and amenities
  • trainers/first aid room
  • accessible public toilets
  • unisex umpire amenities
  • kitchen and bar
  • storage
  • office space
  • multipurpose/social space.

Why are we doing it?

Tullamarine Sporting Club, Tullamarine Football Club and Tullamarine Cricket Club are major users of this reserve. By improving the pavilion, we are improving clubs' experiences and encouraging more people to get involved in sport. 


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