Year Round Grants

Applications will be accepted year round or until funds are exhausted.

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Individual Development Grant

Apply for this grant if you are a resident wanting support for skills development, professional development, networking and learning, and you will share what you learn with your Hume community.

Funding supports you with the costs to attend recognised opportunities that further your development. These opportunities must provide a clearly identified benefit to the Hume community.

Examples include:

  • Leadership and professional development opportunities that build the capabilities of the recipient to contribute to better community outcomes
  • Skills development and learning opportunities for people who volunteer with local community groups and are active in Hume’s community
  • Opportunities to participate in state, national and international forums that will bring new skills and knowledge to contribute to better health and wellbeing community outcomes

Grant amounts are as follows:

Victorian opportunities: $150

National opportunities: $400

International opportunities: $750


Applicants must:

  • Be a Hume resident
  • Demonstrate the need for this opportunity, and what benefit it will bring to the Hume community
  • Provide evidence of selection from the relevant organisation
  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to their area of endeavour
  • Apply at least two months prior to the date of their event, or opportunity for which they are seeking funding
  • Have no outstanding debts with Hume City Council
  • Have satisfactorily acquitted any previous funding received by Hume City Council
  • Not be applying to reimburse expenses paid before grant is approved

In addition:

  • Applications for sporting events are ineligible under this program but may be eligible for Council’s Sports Aid Grants
  • Applicants will be funded only once per year for each level of this grant (local, regional, national, and international)

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Quick Response Grant

Grant amount: up to $1,000

Quick Response Grants support new community groups, and community groups with emerging or unexpected needs outside of the annual grant timelines.

We accept applications from:

  • Newly established community groups requiring support with start-up and establishment costs
  • Community groups with an urgent and unforeseen funding need. You will need to explain why your application is urgent or unforeseen
  • Community groups that need defibrillators at public venues, that do not already have a machine in place  

For example:

  • Your organisation receives a large and sudden increase to rental fees, and if you can’t pay it, you can’t run your programs
  • Your group is offered the chance to participate in a national event that you didn’t plan on, and need help meeting costs
  • You are a new group, with a different purpose to any existing group in Hume and want to formalise your organisation by paying for incorporation, insurance and initial bank fees.

We do not fund past activities. Please apply at least six weeks before you need the funds. We do not accept applications for activities that are ordinary operational costs, or costs that could (or should) have been planned for, as part of your ordinary activities.


Applicants must:

  • Be a not-for-profit community group or organisation
  • Run the activity or project from a location within Hume and/or show that it will substantially benefit residents of Hume
  • Be able to explain the urgency of the need
  • Be able to show they have minimal financial resources or a limited ability to fundraise for the activity or project identified in the application
  • Not be applying to reimburse expenses paid before grant is approved
  • Have no outstanding debts with Hume City Council
  • Have satisfactorily acquitted previous funding received by Hume City Council (if applicable)
  • Be incorporated or auspiced (for more about auspicing please refer to our FAQs)

Please note:

  • Applications are accepted throughout the year until funds are exhausted.
  • You will be notified of the outcome within 6 weeks of a fully completed application (one that includes all required supporting documents).
  • If you are a first-time applicant, you do not need to show proof of Public Liability Insurance when applying. If your grant is successful, you will need to supply a copy at time of contracting
  • Acquittals are due within 3 months of funds being awarded, unless otherwise approved by Council.
  • Successful applicants for Quick Response Grants are eligible to apply under any category in the Annual Grant Round

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