Forrest Street Reserve playspace upgrade

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We're upgrading the playspace at  Forrest Street Reserve to improve outdoor spaces for our youngest community members. 

What we're doing

We're planning to replace the play equipment at Forrest Street Reserve to make it suitable for all ages. 

Other improvements include new furniture, shelter, and path connection from Light Court to Scott Street to create a circuit with the street path

There is also the opportunity to seek funding for exercise equipment designed to improve mobility, strength, balance and cognitive function. A space has been identified in our draft concepts for the equipment. 

Planned on-site engagement activities for Forrest Street Reserve were cancelled early in the year due to COVID-19 restrictions. Council gathered demographic information, feedback from park maintenance staff, feedback provided directly to Council from residents and open space planning principles to prepare draft designs for the park.

Over 250 people visited our consultation page, with 180 of them further informing themselves by looking at more information. Fifty-five residents filled out the online survey telling us about their preferred design. Their input will guide the type of play equipment and landscape improvements going onto the site in 2020/21. 

Why we're doing it

Council’s playspaces are independently audited each year to determine their need for replacement. This playspace will be replaced as part of the playspace replacement program.

The lifespan of the play equipment is between 15-20 years according to Australian Standards.

When will it be completed?

Construction will be complete by early-2022.


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