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We have been working on a project to transform the land around the Broadmeadows Town Hall, Global Learning Centre, Council Offices, and Centrelink into a vibrant and active town centre for people to visit, work, learn and connect. 

This project, called Hume Central, commenced in 2014 with the adoption of a Vision document. And a lot has been achieved so far!  

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Key projects for Hume Central

Hume Central involves a range of different projects. For the precinct to be successful it needs a package of projects (or key moves) that work together to achieve the overall goal of creating an active, vibrant and successful town centre for Broadmeadows.

The key projects that will drive the future of Hume Central include:

  • A hotel with quality accommodation, a restaurant and office spaces to be developed on Lot E - the old COVID Testing Site on the corner of Tanderrum Way
  • Refurbishment of the vacant area on the ground floor of the Broadmeadows Hume Global Learning Centre into the new Council Chamber and community spaces
  • A Town Square to create a vibrant events and festival site and community gathering place
  • Activation of Lot C (opposite the Town Hall) offering additional services and spaces for the community and the Broadmeadows Hume Global Learning Centre
  • The staged development of a new Broadmeadows Car Park, including safe, pedestrian-friendly connections across Dimboola Road to support the precinct

As these projects progress they will need to go through their own processes including planning, design, community consultation and budget allocation as well as Councillor approval at various stages along the way.

Project updates

Hume Central Hotel with quality accommodation

One of the big ideas we have been progressing for Hume Central is a hotel with quality accommodation. The hotel, which would be located on old COVID Testing Site on the corner of Tanderrum Way, would also include features like a restaurant, office space and possibly some retail.

We have now completed an Expression of Interest process which tested the market to see what companies were interested in the project.  

The project has progressed to a Request for Proposal (RFP) process. This process invites companies to submit more information and a detailed proposal of how they would design, develop and deliver the project.  

These types of developments take time, and we expect to have more information for community in early 2024.  


Refurbished ground floor of the GLC

We are currently working on a project to refurbish the vacant area on the ground floor of the Broadmeadows Global Learning Centre (GLC) into a new Council Chamber and community spaces.

This project will: 

  • Provide a more comfortable space for community attending Council meetings in Broadmeadows 
  • Create new spaces for people to meet and connect both formally and informally  
  • Improve connections with the upgraded outdoor spaces in Civic Plaza.  

The plans include: 

  • Council meeting space and public gallery 
  • Conversion of the public gallery space into a large bookable room for community events with access to a commercial kitchen 
  • Councillor meeting room that can also be booked by community  
  • Community lounge, informal meeting and study area with a tea/coffee station 

Plans for this new Council Chamber and community space are currently being designed, with construction scheduled to start in 2024. 


What we've done so far

  • A $25 million redevelopment of Town Hall Broadmeadows with new spaces for offices and the Start North co-working space, an art gallery for exhibitions, and multiple high-quality large event spaces. 
  • Development of Civic Way and upgrade of Civic Plaza outside the Hume Global Learning Centre - Broadmeadows and Council offices.
  • Important upgrades and improvements to underground services like telecommunications, sewage, water to lay the foundations for future projects.
  • Purchasing the land on the corner of Pascoe Vale Road and Camp Road (behind the Polce Station and petrol station) to build a multi-level car parking facility with hundreds of additional spaces.
  • Securing Orange Door domestic violence referral services within the HGLC - Broadmeadows.
  • Activating the precinct with community events such as the award-winning 2022 Hume Winter Lights Festival.

Hume Winter Lights Festival returns thumbnail.png

Delivering a large project like Hume Central

Large projects like Hume Central are complex and involve many stages. They can also take a long time to deliver.

Possible projects for Hume Central would not all happen at the same time. They would be mapped out over the short, medium and long term (4-20 plus years).

Council is also exploring a range of options to fund the potential projects for Hume Central. These could include:

  • partnering with organisations
  • undertaking EOI processes
  • seeking external funding
  • attracting investors
  • budgeting for projects as part of Council’s capital works program.

All of these options will be assessed by Councillors before any decisions are made regarding next steps. To help seek external funding and support for Hume Central Projects, Council is also developing an advocacy plan.

Long term plans guiding the project

Our work and possible future ideas for Hume Central are guided by a range of strategic documents including:

These documents define Broadmeadows Town Centre as being a vibrant ‘heart’, and a place for people to visit, enjoy, connect, work and play. 

Hume Central project area

 Hume Central 5.png

Frequently asked questions

Would car parks remain in Hume Central while the new parking facility and other projects are developed?

Yes. The aim would be to ensure there is adequate parking to service the area as different projects moved forward. 

Would the new car parking facility provide more spaces than currently available in Hume Central?

The new car parking facility, if all stages are completed, would provide over 800 more spaces than currently available in Hume Central.

Is Council still thinking about building a new library?

Council plans to work towards activating Lot C (opposite the Town Hall) with new community spaces and services which would include library services.



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