Subdividing residential property

This page is designed to provide you with an overview of the subdivision process, from hiring a licensed land surveyor to lodging your certified plan of subdivision. If you have any questions about the subdivision process, please phone or email Council.

Typical Subdivision Process

Step 1.Hire a Licensed Land Surveyor

Engage a licensed land surveyor to develop a plan of subdivision. You can find a licensed land surveyor via the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria website.

Step 2.Apply for a Planning Permit

To subdivide residential land you will need to apply for a planning permit. Your planning permit will be assessed under the Planning & Environment Act 1987 and the Hume Planning Scheme. For more information about the planning permit process, please see Planning Process Overview (new page).

Step 3.Submit your Plan of Subdivision for Certification

We will check your plan of subdivision under the Subdivision Act 1988. If your plan meets the requirements under the act, and the relevant service authorities accept the plan, it will be certified by Council.

Step 4.Council Issues a Statement of Compliance

This is the final approval letter stating that all subdivision requirements have been met. 

Step 5.Lodge your Certified Plan of Subdivision and Compliance Certificate

Lodge your certified plan of subdivision and statement of compliance online at Land Use Victoria. Lodging these documents ensures new titles are created for each approved lot.

Can my land be subdivided?

Some areas in Hume have minimum lot sizes and requirements for subdivision depend on the zones, overlays or restrictions on title that apply to the site. You must apply for a planning permit to subdivide. Information on the planning permit process can be found on the Statutory Planning page.  If you require further information, please call Council on 9205 2200 and ask to speak to the Statutory Planning Team. 

What is an Open Space Contribution?

Subdivisions of two or more lots are assessed to determine if a contribution needs to be made to Council to fund the development of open space facilities such as parks, playgrounds and reserves. This process is established under the Subdivisions Act 1988. Please contact the Statutory Planning Team if you have any questions regarding open space contributions

What is a Development Contribution?

A Development Contribution will also be required if your site is covered by a Development Contributions Plan Overlay. In these cases, a development contribution must be paid before a Statement of Compliance can be issued for the plan of subdivision. For more information and current costs, please visit Growth Area Planning - Hume City Council.  

All new lots created by subdivision must be ready for connection to telecommunication services and must ensure that fibre ready telecommunications services are provided. You will need to contract a carrier to install telecommunications infrastructure if you subdivide your land.

If you are a developer or owner-builder, there are important Commonwealth telecommunications rules you need to comply with. For more information click here 

You may choose any carrier to service their development, however if you don’t choose another carrier:

  • nbn™ is the Infrastructure Provider of Last Resort for larger developments (100 lots or more) and for all developments in areas where nbn is rolling out.

  • Telstra is the Infrastructure Provider of Last Resort for smaller developments (less than 100 lots), until the nbn rolls out in the area.

To determine who is the Infrastructure Provider of Last Resort for your property view the nbn roll our map.

The documents below provide more information on providing telecommunications to your subdivision:

Australian Government’s Telecommunications in New Developments policy

Advisory Note 49 – Telecommunications services and facilities in subdivisions


Victorian Planning Provisions Amendment VC221 has changed the referral requirements for subdivision. All subdivisions must now only be referred to the relevant gas authority only where the subdivision is proposed to connect a lot to a reticulated gas supply system. Council is therefore requiring applicants/developers to indicate whether a development will be connected to reticulated gas at the time of subdivision. This will assist Council in determining whether a referral to the relevant gas authority will be necessary.

Please fill out and the following form and upload a copy as 'Other Document Type' with your application in SPEAR.

Gas Connection Form(PDF, 116KB)