Pre-Application Meetings

Planning Meeting

If you're considering lodging a formal planning application with Hume City Council, we highly recommend arranging a pre-application meeting with one of our Council planning officers. These meetings can be conducted in person, over the phone, or by video call. Please note that discussions during a pre-application meeting do not constitute formal approval of your proposal.

Request a Pre-Application Meeting

Pre-Application Meeting Request Form(PDF, 69KB)(PDF, 69KB)

Benefits of Pre-Application Meetings

Pre-application meetings offer several benefits, including:

  • Determining whether a Planning Permit application is required
  • Reducing time delays caused by requests for design amendments and further information
  • Improving the design quality of applications
  • Enhancing the quality of information submitted to Council
  • Increasing certainty about the application
  • Reducing the overall application processing times
  • Minimising the number of applications refused due to inappropriate use or development

Preparing for a Pre-Application Meeting

When preparing for a pre-application meeting, please ensure you have the following information:

  • Location of the site
  • A full certificate of title (no more than three months old) including owner details, site dimensions, restrictions and/or covenant details or a full copy of any Section 173 Agreement
  • An existing conditions plan clearly showing all buildings, crossovers, driveways, significant vegetation, details on adjacent properties (including setbacks, vegetation, secluded open space areas, windows etc)
  • A design concept plan including elevations
  • Photographs of the site and surrounds

During the Meeting

The structure of the meeting will depend on the advice you're seeking and the amount of detail you have provided ahead of the meeting. After we provide the advice you're seeking, we'll also outline any other issues we've identified with your proposal.

After the Meeting

After the meeting, we'll capture a synopsis of the conversation and the advice we've provided. We'll share this with you where appropriate and upload this to ensure that this information is accessible to any planner who may be allocated to the application in the future, so they can understand the history of conversations with you.

Useful Links

We've compiled a list of useful links that you might find helpful during the meeting:

To book an appointment, please use the application forms above.