Our Diverse Community



Today, Hume residents come from more than 160 different countries and speak approximately 140 languages - with two out of every five residents speaking a language other than English.

Multicultural Framework

The Multicultural Framework is Council’s commitment to take a whole-of-organisation approach to responding to the needs of the community, including established migrant communities and newly arrived and emerging communities. It provides direction and sets expectations for how Council will assist and better support diverse communities in Hume City. The Framework encourages the consideration of diversity across all Council strategies, action plans, service and activity planning.

Through this Framework, Council will continue to take a leadership role in how cultural diversity is celebrated in all aspects of life in Hume City. Four Framework Goals are outlined in the document, each highlighting a set of principles and practices. These will guide Council to deliver stronger outcomes for Hume’s multicultural community. The four framework goals are: are:

  1. A harmonious community
  2. An informed organisation
  3. A culturally responsive organisation
  4. An accessible Council

Hume Interfaith Network

The Hume Interfaith Network (HIN) was established in 2001. Since that time, members have worked with Council to strengthen social justice, deepen mutual respect and promote community participation and wellbeing for members of different faiths. The HIN and HIN Youth aim to further develop understanding and harmony across the many faiths and cultures represented in Hume City. The Network can be contacted through Council's Community Strengthening team.

Aims of the Network

The HIN celebrates the rich diversity that exists in Hume. It plays a key role in promoting understanding by creating opportunities for people from diverse cultures and faiths to meet and learn from one another – and ultimately contribute to the wellbeing of the broader community. To find out more about the vision, principles, outcomes and activities of the HIN read the Hume Interfaith Network Plan(PDF, 135KB)

Hume Interfaith Network Youth (HIN Youth)

The Hume Interfaith Network Youth (HIN Youth) aims to create an opportunity for young people (16-24 years)of different faiths and cultural groups to meet and learn from one another in a spirit of dialogue and peace. HIN Youth foster social cohesion and inclusivity rather than promoting one religion over another or debating religious beliefs and to contribute to the health and wellbeing of the broader Hume community.

HIN Youth are a youth group supported by the Hume City Council which organises activities for young people from all cultural and faith backgrounds to explore issues of identity, leadership and belonging in a safe and fun environment.


The group is inclusive and open to leaders and representatives of the diverse  faith and cultural communities of Hume. Membership is subject to an Expression of Interest process, for individuals who represent their faith community and accept the basic understandings and purpose of the Network.

Join the HIN

Expressons of Interest for HIN membership are now CLOSED

Please refer to the Hume Interfaith Network Terms of Reference(PDF, 189KB) for more information before submitting an Expression of Interest to join the HIN. 

Information for applicants

Hume City Council has a long-standing commitment and relationship with the Hume faith communities. The Hume Interfaith Network was founded in 2001.

Hume City Council’s Social Justice charter reflects Council’s commitment to social justice - tackling disadvantage, standing up against discrimination in all its forms and responding equitably to the diverse needs and aspirations of Hume’s diverse community. This document is also currently under review.

Purpose of the Committee

The Hume Interfaith Network is an advisory body to Hume City Council. Its purpose is to provide strategic advice to Council and advocate on issues affecting the faith communities to inform and improve Council decision making in relation to policy, program, and service delivery. Membership Preference will be given to people who live, work, study or are part of a faith community in Hume  Membership of the Hume Interfaith Network will represent the diversity of the Hume religious communities.

Selection criteria

  • Demonstrated knowledge of and commitment to interfaith relations, interfaith understanding and cooperation, particularly on issues relevant to local government and the Hume community;
  • Demonstrated commitment to community action/involvement – in particular the promotion of social harmony and cohesion between diverse faith communities;
  • Demonstrated commitment to promoting the work of interfaith collaboration and interfaith understanding with the City of Hume; 
  • Understanding and interest in local government issues;
  • A broad representation of Hume’s religious communities will be sought.
  • Availability and commitment to participate in and contribute to Committee meetings and interfaith projects.

Meeting Details

The committee meets every two months on a Thursday from 5.30pm – 7pm. Additionally, there will be some work required to be undertaken by Committee members between meeting times for activities associated with the Network. Members are required to have flexibility in the case of special or extraordinary meetings. Where feasible, meeting venues will be rotated between Council offices, community venues and places of worship within Hume.

Accessibility requirements and support

Do you have any accessibility-related needs or requirements that may require support or need flexible arrangements, for you to fully participate in the Committee? We encourage you to contact us for a confidential discussion as part of your application.

For more information and enquiries: Elizabeth Shield, Community Development Officer – Multicultural 0477 755 735

TTY Phone (Teletypewriter) - 1800 555 677

National Relay Service (NRS) - 133 677

Phone TIS (Translating Interpreting Service) - 131 450

A message from the Hume Interfaith Network

As everyone in Hume and around world the responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Hume Interfaith Network is here to share a message of hope.