Sustainable Subdivisions Framework Trial

Hume City Council are participating in the Sustainable Subdivisions Framework (SSF) trial between July 2023 and December 2024. This is a collaborative project involving 21 Councils and is supported by the Council Alliance for a Sustainable Built Environment (CASBE).

Why is Council participating in the SSF trial?

The SSF includes information and application kit which combined aim to improve sustainability outcomes at the subdivision stage as ‘the creation of a subdivision is the creation of a community', presenting at this initial stage, 'enormous opportunity to get the fundamentals right. The SSF aligns with States aspiration for net zero emissions by 2050 identified in the Victorian Climate Change Act and Clause 56 in the Victorian Planning Scheme, the SSF also supports key Council policy such as the Council Plan, Hume Climate Action Plan and Council Infrastructure Plan.

What is the Sustainable Subdivisions Framework?

The SSF is an application kit which subdivision applicants are asked to populate as part of the subdivision application process. The application kit includes seven categories, these are;

Why should Subdivision Applicants participate in the SSF trial?

  • Subdivision Applicants have the opportunity to improve environmentally sustainable design (ESD) outcomes within subdivisions utilising the Sustainable Subdivisions Framework (SSF).
  • Signing up to the trial is free and provides applicants an opportunity to demonstrate and test ESD initiatives.
  • The SSF addresses a current gap within Planning Policy, which is currently under review for amendment and allows Subdivision Applicants to get ahead of any future policy changes.
  • The SSF is a framework that allows Councils to review and assess sustainability outcomes in residential subdivisions.
  • This assessment is embedded in standard Council processes and will not increase turn-around times for permit processing.

How can subdivision applicants participate in the SSF trial?

Council encourages Subdivision Applicants to review and populate in the Sustainable Subdivisions Framework application kit and submit to Council for review and assessment.

When should applicants submit an SSF?

  • Please submit you SSF application kit as part of pre-application submissions
  • In lieu of submitted an application kit, a subdivision sustainability management plan (SSMP) can be submitted for subdivisions
  • If you have already submitted a pre-application, you have an opportunity to submit further information and amend your original application

Who can assist?

Council’s ESD Planning Advisor will work with you to carry out an assessment of your application against 7 key sustainability categories. For assistance please contact Connie Mafodda, or 0438 392 925.

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