Mt Holden Reserve Upgrade

  • Project statusConstruction
  • Project value2.387 Million

We're upgrading Mt Holden Reserve to protect cultural heritage, restore the environment and provide a space for the community to relax and exercise.

What we're doing

Mt Holden Reserve is a 40-hectare conservation reserve managed by Hume City Council. As part of implementing the existing master plan, Hume City Council is planning a new path network to improve public access around the mountain and to the summit. Dogs on lead walking will be permitted on the lower perimeter track but dogs are not allowed onto the summit to protect the existing kangaroo population.

A new 2.5m wide unsealed perimeter walking and maintenance access track will be constructed around the base of the mountain with links to Wedmore Crescent, Carla Views and Mount Drive. New 1.5m wide summit switch back walking tracks located on the north and west faces will provide graded walking access to the summit while minimising impacts on views to the mountain from Sunbury. Minimising impacts to the existing ecological and cultural values was a key consideration when designing the path alignment.

The summit is culturally significant, and management of this area is undertaken in partnership with the Wurundjeri Narrap Unit to ensure protection of cultural values, which date back thousands of years. Culturally sensitive areas on the summit will be kept clear of paths and vehicles.  

Hume City Council will continue to protect and improve the biodiversity values that occur across the reserve, by undertaking restoration projects, controlling weeds, and using planned burns to reinvigorate indigenous flora species. The aim of the land management works is to also improve the habitat for our local wildlife.  Hume City Council is also working in partnership with SP Ausnet to improve screening of the prominent mobile phone tower infrastructure.

When will it be completed

This project will be completed in 2024.


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