Social Media Guidelines

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We use social media to keep the community informed with what’s happening in Hume City. We welcome your feedback, comments, ideas, and participation. You can find us on:







We monitor our accounts 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). 

If you’re trying to reach us on social media outside of these hours, please find other ways to contact us.

Community Guidelines

We want our social media spaces to be a respectful and safe place for our community to share their thoughts, and we also want them to be engaging and useful too.

We encourage you to:

  • engage, share and comment
  • stay on topic (please read the relevant material before joining the conversation)
  • remember that comments are public and can be searched by other users
  • treat others with respect.

In the interests of maintaining an open conversation, we would prefer not to delete comments. However, we may delete comments if they are:

  • offensive
  • not suited for an audience of all ages
  • inciting violence
  • of a sexual nature
  • irrelevant or repetitive
  • false or misleading
  • harmful to people or organisations
  • spam – this includes advertising, petitions, endorsements, requests, or commercial promotion
  • infringing on copyright, or breach the intellectual property rights of others
  • unlawful, or encourages others to break the law
  • files or links to malicious software, content, or websites
  • confidentiality breaches
  • compromise the safety or security of someone or something
  • invade an individual’s privacy or identify people in a defamatory, abusive or negative manner.
Third party content

Considering the High Court defamation decision in September 2021, the Council may, from time to time, remove third party content. Hume City Council could be held liable for any comments made by third parties on any of our social media accounts.

Comments posted by others do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Hume City Council.

If you are unhappy or upset about anything you see on our social media, please email us.