Road and Drainage Guidelines

Council provides engineering guidelines and standard drawings for property owners, developers, service authorities, consultants and contractors.

These drawings fall into two categories:

  1. For new and growth areas. These can be found in the VPA's Engineering Design and Construction Manual.
  2. For older infrastructure. These can be found in the Hume City Council Standard Drawings below.

The Victorian Planning Authority provides the Engineering Design and Construction Manual. This outlines the engineering standards for new and growth areas within Hume. These standards are common to other surrounding growth area councils.

Council also publishes a set of standard drawings. These Standard Drawings can be used in areas outside the urban growth and for infrastructure that is not detailed in EDCM.

Council's Standard Drawings will be updated from time to time as required, without prior notice. It is the responsibility of interested party to regularly check revision history and download revised Standard Drawings.

The full set of Standard Drawings is available below:

Road and Drainage Standard Drawings(PDF, 5MB)

These notes should be provided on construction plans of each stage of the development.

Hume City Council General Notes(PDF, 108KB)

Council will only permit street lights approved by the Electrical Distributor on new estates that are covered by the OMR tariff (i.e. only standard lighting poles are permitted). Council's Public Lighting Policy is available by visiting the Policies section of our website.