Hume Small Business Grants


Applications have reopened!

If you have an idea and seeking financial support, we encourage you to apply for a 2022/23 Hume City Small Business Grant.

Small businesses make a large contribution to the local economy and add to the vibrancy and energy to Hume City, which is why we are pleased to be offering Business Support Grants and give businesses a much needed boost!

Hume City Small Business Grants will support businesses that aspire to Council’s strategic directives of: “A well-educated and employed community” and “Create conditions which support business growth and create local jobs for Hume residents”.

If you have an idea that will create employment and contribute to building a strong local economy, we want to hear from you! 

Applications for the Grant Program will close 5pm Friday 24 March 2023.

Download a copy of the 2022 Hume City Small Business Grants Program Information Booklet(PDF, 602KB)

Apply now

Congratulations to the following successful businesses in Round 1 of 2022/23 Hume City Small Business Grants

  • iBuild Building Solutions
  • Sidcon Fabrications Pty Ltd
  • Marson Industries Australia
  • Sky Ledge
  • Donnybrook Dental
  • Second Chance Animal Rescue
  • Breathometer
  • Yellow Flamingo
  • Travel Marketplace Pty Ltd
  • State of Nature Floral Studio
  • URR Design Group Pty Ltd
  • Advantage Caravan Repairs
  • Keep In Motion Physiotherapy
  • Finance In Heels
  • Lago Fino
About the Program

Recognising the importance of supporting small businesses, this Grants Program allows businesses to invest back into their own business and the local economy. This Program is not an emergency support program and the maximum amount that a business can receive is $20,000.

The funding criteria has been developed to provide flexibility to the many businesses across Hume. Council encourages Home Based Businesses and Sole Traders to apply.

The Hume City Small Business Grant Program will close 5pm Friday 24 March 2023 or until the grant funding is expended.

What will be funded?

A wide range of projects and programs are eligible for a Hume City Small Business Grant.

Examples of projects that will funded include:

  • research in innovative product development or service design
  • capital works, for example business fit out
  • digital strategy development
  • marketing and website development
  • recruitment and training
  • energy efficient/specialised equipment and/or software support
  • export related activities
  • outdoor dining furniture and shades
  • dining canopy improvements
  • facade improvements including the installation of green infrastructure.


Businesses must fulfil the following conditions to be for funding:

  • be located within Hume City Council
  • hold a current Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • have 20 or fewer full time equivalent employees (excludes casuals)
  • demonstrate solid growth or market potential
  • hold all appropriate permits and licences; this will include but is not restricted to – building and planning permits, liquor licence, health and any other statutory permits or licences that are required for the business to be legal
  • Council rates must be fully paid and up to date, or a payment plan in place
  • hold current public liability insurance and provide evidence of insurance when applying
  • not be in breach of any state/territory or local government law or regulation.


The Hume City Small Business Grants Program will not support applicants that:

  • are political organisations or are deemed to have a political purpose
  • are government departments of agencies, foundations or grant making bodies
  • are charities and have a primary focus of fundraising
  • own or operate electronic gaming machines (EGM) or receive funding or in-kind support from EGM venues
  • denigrate, exclude or offend parts of the community.

What the grant will not fund

The Grant Program will not fund everyday expenses or general bills, for example rent, rates, land taxes, wages, insurance or utilities. 

Project expenses that have already been incurred or the project has been completed prior to the applicant being advised of the outcome of their application.

Documentation required

To give your idea or project the best possible chance of success, you will need to provide the following as part of your submission:

  1. an Executive Summary of your business’ need or project idea
  2. a Project Plan(DOCX, 61KB)
  3. Project quotes
  4. the last two years Accountant or Bookkeeper prepared Profit and Loss(PDF, 389KB) and Balance Sheet(PDF, 260KB) 
  5. a current ATO Portal Report(PDF, 83KB)
  6. a current Payroll Report(PDF, 42KB)
  7. Banking details. Please only provide your business account number and account name only and remove amounts from the statements
  8. your Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance(PDF, 94KB) (minimum $10 million) 
  9. any relevant licences or permits i.e. Registration of Food Premises Permit(PDF, 389KB)

Hume City Council will only accept applications with the mandatory attachments.

Application Process

  • Applications will be assessed by an Assessment Panel 
  • only one application per business can be submitted
  • applicants will be notified of an outcome as soon as is practicable
  • Hume City Council reserves the right to request further information when considering any application
  • any application that does not meet the eligibility criteria will not be considered
  • Hume City Council reserves the right to part-fund applications
  • all funding decisions are final.

During the assessment process the applicant may be requested to furnish evidence that they meet all legislative requirements. Prior to the referral of submissions to the Assessment Panel, Council Officers will also undertake separate checks. 

Applicants who do not meet the requirements, or do not provide the relevant documentation, will not be considered.

What to do when you have applied

Once you submitted your application you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application from SmartyGrants. Please keep this reference number handy in case you need to refer to it in future.

A Council Officer will be in touch if further information is required.

Terms and Conditions for successful applicants

Applicants are required to comply with the following terms and conditions:

  • successful applicants will be required to sign a Letter of Agreement and submit an Acquittal Report evidencing the invoices and receipts for the approved funding and demonstrate how the grant helped support the business
  • only one application per business can be submitted
  • payment terms from Hume City Council to the successful application is 30 days from the date of invoice, subject to the receipt of a signed Letter of Agreement, Tax Invoice and other requested information. This may include revised budgets and project details
  • Hume City Council will not be responsible for shortfalls in project budgets if the grant recipient is unable to meet project costs
  • unsuccessful applicants are eligible to re-apply for future funding rounds in accordance with grant guidelines
  • all applicants will be notified of the result of their application
  • the applicant names, project names and funding amounts of successful applicants will be publicly available, including but not restricted to publication on Council’s website, media releases and other Council publications
  • any canvassing or lobbying of Councillors, Council officers or members of the Assessment Panel is strictly prohibited and will result in applications deemed ineligible
  • the grant program will not accept applications whereby the product or service has been purchased before the applicant has been advised of the outcome of their application
  • applicants must disclose if they employ current employees or immediate family members of Hume City Council 
  • grants must be acquitted as specified in the Letter of Agreement
  • Hume City Council reserves the right to request further information when considering applications
  • any application that is ineligible or does not meet the eligibility criteria will be rejected
  • Hume City Council reserves the right to part-fund applications
  • funding decisions are final.


For further information regarding the Hume City Small Business Grants Program, please email  or telephone 9205 2200.