Mitchells Lane and Pasley Street Road Reconstruction

  • Project statusDesign
  • Project value9.496 Million

We are renewing Mitchells Lane and Pasley Street.

What we're doing

We are doing a full road reconstruction along two streets within Sunbury; Mitchells Lane between Wilson Lane and Horne Street and Pasley Street between Neill Street and Mitchells Lane.  

The proposed works include: 

  • Reconstructing the road pavement, 
  • Constructing new drainage infrastructure, 
  • Constructing new footpaths
  • Widening the existing road to include a dedicated bicycle lane and on-street parking
  • Formalising kerb and channel along the road, 
  • Implementing traffic treatments from Local Area Traffic Management) studies
  • Upgrading existing streetlights

The works will be delivered in stages to minimise disruption to the community.  

Why we're doing it

Mitchells Lane connects thousands of residents to and from their homes and work, school, recreation reserve and public transport. We are improving our road infrastructure, making it safer to all road users and communities travelling along these roads.  

When it’ll be finished

Construction is due to be completed by early to mid 2026.


  • Mitchells Lane, Sunbury 3429 between Wilson Lane, and Horne Street.  
  • Pasley Street, Sunbury 3429 between Neill Street and Mitchells Lane.  

This project is being delivered by Hume City Council.


57 Mitchells Ln, Sunbury 3429  View Map

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